December 2017 Christmas Cabin

 Top 10 from Christmas Cabin 

10. Beautiful weather for the outing. Plenty of Outdoor Time and NO Liquid Sunshine.
9. Chilly Nights - most of us were in a cabin. But, we had two "Tough Scouts" who stayed in a tent.
8. I see Bear Scat!
7. 734 New Patrol Assignments - We have an Honor Patrol among the mix. "Making Leaders ....."
6. Lots & lots of sign offs at our 4 stations. 
5. Don't you even think about leaving that trailer there.......
4. Fun, Fun, Fun...... Games, Games, Games.
3. Great food, and the boys didn't have to cook it or do dishes. (Big Thank-You to the cooks. Outdid yourselves again.) YUM!
2. It looked as if one of our Scouts wanted to go 10 rounds with a stick named Mike Tyson. FYI - the stick won that one.
1. 734 has a new dance move sweeping the nation. The Dance is called "I skunked the Scout Master."
(If you were not at Christmas Cabin, you will probably never see the dance again!)

2017 Christmas Cabin