February 2018 Aviation Adventure

20 - Learning about aviation. Even our own 734 Pilot, Mr. Hulteen, learned a thing or two.

19 - Another Polar Bear Patch earned!

18 - Dry Wood! Excellent.

17 – Breaking in a new A.S.M. – Thanks for coming Mr. Dan Wedig. You are a Trooper!

16 – Camp Birch = Great 1st experience, for most of us, at this camp. We will be back!

15 – Nice “Walk in the woods!”

14 - Honor Patrol stepping it up in the cooking department. Using Dutch Ovens! Nice!

13 – 734 Scouts = Well behaved throughout the weekend. Good Job Scouts!

12 – Meeting Troops from MO., MI., IL, and PA. at the USAF Museum. How cool is that?

11 – 734: “How many versions of “Liquid from above” can we get on this outing?” 
Mother Nature: “Hold my drink!”

10 – Tired Scouts! Lots of walking! – We did our job.
It sure was quiet by the campfire Saturday Night!?!

9 – Excellent job from our SPL! His 1st outing ‘In Charge.’ Great job, Alex!

8 – Is that the Scout Masters tail light, sitting broken, by that tree? No, Thank Goodness!

7 – That medal will sure look good on your Eagle Board of Review uniform!

6 – Mud… Mud… Everywhere! Slippin’ and a sliddin’.

5 – Scout: “My hands are cold!” S.M.: “Where’s your Gloves?” Scout: “I don’t know!”
Learning what “Be Prepared” means!

4 – “Look at those fools eating lunch in an open shelter, in snow & in 30 degrees!”

3 – Bald Eagle Nest above the building housing the 1st Airplane. “Merica”

2 – Is that one of our Scouts, screaming, in labor? No, just cramps. Dehydration - it's real folks. Drink Water!

1 – Bed & Breakfast? “I don’t need no stinking B & B!”