November 2017 Hunger Games

 If you missed the Hunger Games Campout '17 - Here are a few of the things you missed:

1. Sign-offs - Plenty done over the weekend.
2. Great Weather Saturday between 7 am. - till about 3 pm, when the rain started.
3. Learning what "Be Prepared" means. Turns out, 37 degrees is really cold when you are sleeping in the Outdoors.
4. Ramen Noodles - enough said.
5. Rain Rain, go away..... Scout Master says "SPL, let's get the scouts together to start building that Ark!"
6. Look, I see some 1st year Scouts at the grill, all by themselves, cooking. How Cool Is That?!?! Hey, it's Ramen.....but at least they are doing it by themselves.
7. What is that Thumping Noise at 11:45 at night? And, it won't stop! Leanne says, "Hold my cards.......!"
8. There is a train coming thru the woods............. Nah, it's just the 60 MPH winds aimed at the Scout Masters Hammock. Look - you can see him actually spin around in that thing.
9. Danny now has a girls phone # in his cell. Awe, they grow up so fast.....
10. "I will get in my car and take you home..... I don't care how late it is!" 

Due to the weather and safety concerns, we really only got one good Hunger Games in. (We answered the question about the trees in the woods making noise, by the way.) But, this was a great learning experience for everyone on Contingency Plans. And, everyone still had fun!
Thank you to all who came to our 5th Annual Hunger Games Campout.