January 2018 Vertical Adventures

 10 - Great Turnout. Lots of 734 Scouts and plenty of Potential 734 Scouts (visitors).

9 - The Scout Master got at least 3 hours of sleep ........ 

8 - A lot of Scouts were questioning their ability to climb, and surprised themselves by making it to the top of many walls! Success!

7 - New Friendships made.

6 - No Skills marked off in our books..... Just lots of fun! 

5 - Got a potential 734 parent into our Cribbage Craze.... (I LET him win, Matt!)

4 - No broken bones, or trips to the E.R. (All thanks to our Nurse on Duty. Thanks Leanne.)

3 - Is that Spider-man? No, that is Mr. Canary climbing the free ropes wall like it's nothing. (Impressive Rich!)

2. Sleep??? Who Needs Sleep!!!

1 - It's a bird.... It's a plane..... NAH! It's just a flying shoe.