March 2018 Wildcat Hollow

Six scouts and 2 adults backpacked Wildcat Hollow covering 15 miles over three days. It was dry (yeah!) and sunny but very cold in the mornings (21 and 25 degrees). The Scouts did a tremendous job throughout the trek and showed a lot of teamwork when a brother scout was affected by dehydration.

Top Ten Memories:
10. The first multi-night backpack trek for most of the Scouts.
9. There was a lot of pride watching the Scouts share the duty of carrying our cache of water 2.5 miles to the campsite.
8. Two trekking poles are better than one
7. Does a bear poop in the woods? I don't know about bears but Scouts on the other hand....
6. Our three youngest scouts set a blistering pace of 23:03 minutes in one mile on the last day of the hike. 
5. Dehydration symptoms=fatigue, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, vomiting ...It is not just a concern for summertime
4. "I'm really tired after that six mile trek...hey, I'll beat you to the top of that very tall, steep hill"
3. Building a creekside dam is a great team building activity; it might make you forget about making dinner. 
2. Jeffrey cooking his dinner in a campfire oven built from fire ring rocks
1. "We are crossing lines!" (Usually said going either uphill or downhill)

Rich Canary

Wildcat Hollow