May 2018 Challenge Backpacking - Lake Vesuvius


May 2018 - Lake Vesuvius

 Top Ten from this weekend Lake Vesuvius BP Trek where we covered over 18 miles in three days. Jeffrey, Michael, Jacob, Lance, Logan, and Cohen plus three adults had a wonderful, although difficult, hiking trek. Beautiful scenery and best part; no cell phone coverage! 

10. Cohen, is that a yellow spider by your sleeping bag?

9. Heat, Humidity, ticks, and multiple peak and valley crossing; putting the CHALLENGE back into Challenge Outings
8. Mr. Severns and Mr. Palovick carrying a pack on a stick like it was a hunted boar.
7. Liquid sunshine on Saturday but the rain held off for the next two days
6. Tick Check!
5. Trek leader Jeffrey faced a tough decision; press on for three miles with everyone low on water or send a party back over a mile to the nearest stream. He made the right call and led the effort to get the water.
4. New contest, guess how many ticks REALLY like Jacob. ...eighteen, nineteen, twenty.....
3. Seriously, we hiked seven miles to sleep at the same campsite?!
2. Mr. Severns was voted "Most Popular" of the campout; with help from his Tick Tornado
1. Remembering the reason for the Holiday; Richard Lee Bosworth (