2017 Buckeye District Turtle Preparatory Hikes & Campout

posted Jan 24, 2017, 12:08 PM by Troop Webmaster
In preparation for the upcoming Buckeye District Turtle, the troop will be conducting two day hikes and an overnight campout / shakedown hike.
  1. Hike # 1 - Saturday February 25th at Battelle Darby Metro Park in Galloway
  2. Hike # 2 - Saturday March 11th at John Bryan State Park in Yellow Springs
  3. Hike # 3 & Overnight Campout - Saturday April 8th through Sunday April 9th at Zaleski State Forrest in Zaleski
Hikes 1 and 2 will not require full backpacks but scouts are encouraged to bring a semi-loaded pack pack to help with conditioning.  Hike 3 will be a hike in to and out from the campsite with a loaded back pack.  A pre-hike shakedown will take place prior to hitting the trail to ensure packs are properly loaded and provide scouts with helpful hints/reminders.

Please see Mr. Hansford, Evans or Canary for additional information.